Here's a FREE easy internet profit method for newbies (NO experience necessary!).


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The basic idea of this easy, free, internet marketing system is to create a free blog, post some content, and monetize it in some way. It's certainly possible to do this without spending a single cent :-

There are lots of sites which will let you put up a free blog. They differ in details of what they offer, but most of the well-known ones offer what you need to implement this method, which is content and some kind of monetization option. Obviously, check the details of any particular site, before you set up your blog, as it's better to understand initially what's allowed, than run into problems later such as having your blog deleted onece you've put a lot of hard work into it. Some sites even monetize automatically for you (such as Squidoo) making it even easier.

Free sites where you can put up your content include :-
















For content, you can either write your own (do research on Wikipedia, or look for good sites using a Google search), or find PLR and re-write it. There's lots of free PLR on the net, just do a Google search for "Free PLR" and you'll find some. At the very least, always re-write the title and introduction, but you'll get better results by re-writing the whole thing, because the search engines generally send more traffic to original content than to duplicates.

For monetization, your options include affiliate Ebooks, AdSense, Amazon and others. Again, some free sites let you all of do these, some might not, so check the details before you create your blog. AdSense is one of the easiest monetizations to make some money, because it's easier to get a click than a sale, but other forms of monetization can make more money from a blog than AdSense, sometimes.

Amazon is a great way to monetize some content. The best-converting method is to write specific product reports on specific Amazon products, but just including relevant text links in the body of a blog, can certainly make some money.

Affiliate Ebooks are another method of monetizing. ClickBank is a well-known way of doing this, but there are others. Or you can write your own Ebook by re-writing a bunch of PLR articles. It's not difficult to do, and gives you more flexibility for testing things like price, etc.

You can either choose your blog topic first, such as a subject that you know lots about (making it easy to write on that subject), then add monetization, or have a look at monetization options first, then base your blog around a topic which fits a particular monetization, such as "dog training" for example, which is good for AdSense and you can also make commissions selling my Ebook on the subject (see bottom for the affiliate link) plus monetize with contextual text links to dog products on Amazon (dog food, dog beds, etc.).

As another example, if you are going to write Amazon product reports, it's best to choose products which average over $50, and which are not availale from most local stores.

Once you've got your blog up and running, post content about every day or two, not more than 3 times a day is best, and fairly regularly is good. You can write a whole bunch of posts at one time, and schedule them to appear later. WordPress makes this easy to do automatically (you can schedule a post for future publication, near the top of the right side-bar), or you can do it manually.

If you want to get more profits from the same content, and are willing to spend a bit of money, get your own site, rather than using one of the free ones, because you'll get more traffic for the same content, and you have a lot more control over everything if it's on your own site. WordPress is recommended for making blogs. It's easy to use and can get great results.

Once you've made a start on a blog, whether a free one or your own, there are ways to get fairly original content posted automatically. Two of these methods include recieving content from FreeTrafficSystem (FTS), or UniqueArticleWizard (UAW), both of which offer automatic content to various platforms (including WordPress). One tip on getting content from those two if you are using WordPress, is to rename the "uncategorized" category to something relevant to your specific blog, else you tend to get a lot of irrelevant content, which is not good for your blog. You'll probably get better results posting a few original posts of your own among the auto-posts.

Another way of improving your results is to make some backlinks, which are links pointing to your new blog. If you own your own blog, be careful doing this as too much backlinking can decrease your traffic rather than increase it, and for best results build a wide variety of backlinks steadily, or put up some free web2.0 properties linking to your blog, and send most of the backlinks to those 2.0's, initially.

Obviously, this is just a summary of a method, and there are tons of details you can get into, but the best advice is to start by taking some action, then ask specific questions (on a forum such as WarriorForum.com) if you run into problems, or on how to improve your results once you've tried this for a few weeks in practice. If you are not sure about owning your own blog initially, you can always start on a free blog, then once you feel confident enough, get your own domain and hosting, then use the free blog as a ready-made backlink to your own one.

This method can be done for free, and is easy enough, and although improved results can come from research and testing etc. it offers a simple enough way for anyone to start in IM, for zero cost, today. and although the basic method is simple, it's possible to learn a lot about IM by researching and testing improvements in this method.

I hope that helps some newbies start making some money and learning how internet marketing works!


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